Name: ZEO Trade & Development Ltd

Address: Office 15 A 329-339 Putney Bridge Rd, London SW15 2PG UK

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Phone: (+1) (416) 913-0782


CUSIP: G9887H104


Incorporation Date: 3/22/2016

Incorporation Number: 688377

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Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. is a company based in the UK and in Germany. It is a supplier of industrial solutions for industrial minerals, shipping / logistics, marketing and sales partnerships. The company has global connections to the zeolite industry and is internationally active.

Zeo Trade has world-wide connections in the global Zeolite industry, a reputation built on trust and integrity. Zeo Trade is launching new Zeolite products as a distribution partner from Earth Innovations Inc. in the German retail market and will build upon the marketing strategy and the sales network. Zeo Trade has also signed an exclusive agreement with a world-class Zeolite-producer from Kosovo to organize worldwide sales.

Natural occurring zeolite is a crystalline mineral that has been formed from volcanic ash generally over a period of between 50 to more than 350 million years ago. During this time there were many violent volcanic eruptions ejecting millions of tons of ash into the air which fell on both land (to form topsoil) and into water where most was dissipated. But in the right conditions, in a few locations, natural zeolite deposits were formed.