Name: Greys Financial Limited

Address: 214-96 Norwood Avenue, Moncton NB E1C 6L9

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Phone: +1-647-243-6331

ISIN: CA39808W2004

CUSIP: 39808W200


Price per share:
* Price per share is reported by the company based on last known sale 


Greys Financial Limited’s (“GFL”) primary focus is to invest in the areas of energy, mining and telecom infrastructure including both landline, and mobile technology. GFL will consider investments in both unlisted and listed companies that are in its main focus areas.

GFLs mission is to facilitate wealth, creation and entrepreneurship amongst the people of Emerging Markets by promoting direct investment, through identifying and creating new investment opportunities, thus creating employment and higher standards of living. These markets have the opportunity to develop at a very fast pace. With Increasing global liberalization-oriented policies, privatization and foreign investment have become buzzwords all around these markets.