Name: Forward Progressive Transactions Inc. (iPIN Debit)

Address: 214-96 Norwood Avenue, Moncton NB E1C 6L9


Phone: 1-855-800-4746

ISIN: CA34986L1004

CUSIP: 34986L100

Incorporation Date: 1/16/2012

Incorporation Number: 661586

Price per share:
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Forward Progressive Transactions Inc. is a New Brunswick Canada based company introducing iCT transactions (Internet Consumer Terminal) as an alternative method of internet commerce.

Today, 3,000,000,000 Internet users do not have the ability to send either PIN debit or credit card present payments and purchases. Forward Progressive Transactions Inc. and the ICT industry will enable them to do so.

Today, credit card and debit card payments on the Internet are typed in and not considered “present” by the acquiring bank as the card was not read by a magnetic card reader. This activity makes the transaction open to fraud and identity theft for both the consumer and the online merchant.

Additionally, the online merchant pays a higher transaction fee to receive an online credit card payment than a brick and mortar merchant where the card is present. Additionally, the online merchant has 100% of the liability if the credit card used was stolen. Forward Progressive Transactions (FPT) will enable the ability for iCT transactions and credit card transactions to occur over the Internet with a high level of security.