Name: Cindrigo Energy Corp.

Address: 214-96 Norwood Ave Moncton NB E1C 6L9

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Phone: (+1) (416) 238-7818

ISIN: CA17241A1003

CUSIP: 17241A100

Incorporation Date: 8/20/2018

Incorporation Number: 658801

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Cindrigo Energy Corp. (“Cindrigo”) is a renewable energy company, supported by long historic Swedish renewable energy expertise and experience. The Company's choice of technology is based on well-proven international standards, meeting all regulatory environmental regulations while limiting any technological risks.

Cindrigo has provided a rapid deployment plan for the implementation of multiple Waste-to-Energy plants in the Ukraine that would amount to processing of 12,000 TPD of municipal waste in the next five years. To achieve such a plan it would require both support from the Government of Ukraine and also a very strong structured finance plan to resource the expansion.