Name: AFL Atlantic Financial Limited 

Address: 214-96 Norwood Ave, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 6L9

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Phone: +1 647-243-6331 / +1 506-703-4048 

ISIN: CA00108K2056  

CUSIP: 00108K205 

Incorporation Date: 12/7/2016

Incorportaion Number: 691402

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AFL's mission it to facilitate wealth, creation and entrepreneurship amongst the people of Emerging markets by promoting direct investment, through identifying and creating new investment opportunities, thus creating employment and higher standards of living. These markets have the opportunity to develop at a very fast fast pace. With increasing liberal globalization-oriented policies, privatization and foreign investment have become a buzzwords all around these markets.

As a result, Emerging markets governments are looking to finance new investments in energy, mining and telecommunications via foreign and local investment and strategic technical partners. AFL aims to take advantage of these opportunities by creating a funding structure by which the peoples of emerging markets, together with foreign investors and strategic partners, can also join in this rapid and exciting process  to enhance wealth creation on these markets.