ESI’s plan is to specialise in investing in companies that are active in the field of renewable energy. The Company’s focus will be on generating capital growth. The Company’s investment objective is to achieve above market returns for its Shareholders from its investment activities. The primary investment objective of the Company is to develop as an aggressive investment and transaction oriented business focused on wealth creation for its Shareholders. Other than the investment in Hayat and the proposed solar energy farms, the main investment activities of the Company are expected to focus on renewable energy companies, numerous energy projects and technologies that are suitable for future listing on recognised stock exchanges and may require further working capital, development assistance and/or management to realise their respective potential. The major investment thrust of the Company will be in the renewable energy sector particularly where an investment offers synergistic benefits to other investments. The initial investments will be located in Turkey and will either be through Hayat or wholly owned by the Company. ESI eventually plans to acquire further shareholdings in young companies and projects, which it can help to grow and expand, ideally with synergies from the already existing shareholdings. To avoid any adverse impact on the Company from any single or individual investment loss, the Company proposes to invest in a number of business development and security interests in diverse global jurisdictions.

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CUSIP: 29644A108

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